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U.S. Lawmakers Vote To Bar Commercial Aircraft Sales To Iran

The U.S. House voted to bar sales of Boeing and Airbus aircraft to Iran under its nuclear deal with world powers.

U.S. lawmakers have passed legislation that would ban the sale of commercial aircraft to Iran, a move aimed at halting sales by aerospace giants Boeing and Airbus that outgoing President Barack Obama's administration has already approved.

By a vote of 243-175, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives on November 17 passed the bill that would bar the Treasury Department from granting licenses required for U.S. banks to finance the commercial aircraft deals with Iran.

The move is the latest in a broader effort by Republicans in Congress to push back against the landmark deal between Iran and major world powers, which lifts some sanctions against Tehran in exchange for curbs on its nuclear program.

Obama considers the deal a signature achievement of his presidency, while President-Elect Donald Trump has pledged to tear it up or renegotiate the accord to squeeze greater concessions from Iran.

The bill, however, is unlikely to become law under the current Congress, where it would likely face substantial resistance from Democrats in the Senate.

The purchase of aircraft and parts is expressly allowed under the Iran nuclear accord.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP