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Trump Says Russia Broke Syrian Deal; Has No Respect For Obama

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Russia broke the cease-fire deal in Syria because Moscow has no respect for U.S. leaders.

U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that that Russia "broke the deal" with the United States to revive a cease-fire in Syria because Moscow has no respect for U.S. Democratic leaders.

The United States broke off talks this week with Russia on reviving a cease-fire and peace process in Syria, blaming Moscow for not living up to its commitment to halt fighting under a September 9 agreement.

"Russia broke the deal, and now they're shooting, they're bombing," Trump told a rally in Arizona on October 4. "It should end and it should end fast. It's very sad."

While criticizing Russia's actions in Syria for the first time, Trump said that Russia's violation of the cease-fire shows that Russian President Vladimir "Putin has no respect" for President Barack Obama or Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, his opponent in the November 8 election.

"They have no respect for our leadership," he said.

Trump's latest swipe at Obama echoes past statements praising Putin as a stronger leader than Obama. Trump has insisted that Russia would show more respect to the United States if he wins the presidency.

With reporting by Reuters