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U.S. Senators React To Iran Nuke Deal

Top U.S. senators appeared on television on April 5 to discuss the recent framework agreement Iran and world powers reached on April 2.

Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein, the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, appeared on CNN's State of the Union and responded to comments from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticizing the deal.

Feinstein said the agreement reached with Iran does not threaten the survival of Israel as Netanyahu has claimed and speaking personally about Netanyahu, Feinstein said, "I wish he would contain himself."

Republican Senator Bob Corker appeared on Fox News Sunday and said congressional scrutiny and approval of any nuclear agreement with Iran is essential and would help ensure the deal is not a bad one.

"It's important that Congress is in the middle of this, understanding, teasing out, asking those important questions," Corker said.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said on CBS's program Face The Nation that the deal was a flawed one but probably the best one Obama could get because the Iranians do not fear or respect him.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters