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U.S. Marine To Serve No Time Over Iraq Killings

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich
A U.S. Marine convicted over the killing of 24 civilians in Iraq will not serve time in jail.

The 2005 attack in Haditha is seen as an incident that tainted the reputation of U.S. troops in the Iraq War.

On January 23, Marine Sergeant Frank Wuterich, accused of leading the massacre, pleaded guilty to a single count of dereliction of duty.

He received no prison time when he was sentenced on January 24 in a U.S. military court at Camp Pendleton in California.

In a statement to the court, Wuterich apologized to relatives of the victims, but defended his squad's actions.

The attack in Haditha came shortly after some 20 Marines were killed by insurgents there.

Haditha residents have voiced outrage at the outcome of Wuterich's trial.

compiled from agency reports