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Study Shows Antarctic Summer Ice Melting More Rapidly

The study's findings are based on a 364-meter ice core drilled on James Ross Island, near the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.
A joint Australian-British research team has reported that summer ice in the Antarctic is melting 10 times more rapidly than it did 600 years ago.

In a report issued on April 15, researchers from the Australian National University and the British Antarctic Survey said the most rapid melting has occurred over the last 50 years.

Team leader Nerile Abram said the findings, based on the study of a 364-meter ice core drilled on James Ross Island, mean that climate warming has reached "a level where even small increases in temperature can now lead to a big increase in summer ice melt."

Summer ice melt in the Antarctic weakens the ice shelves around the continent, speeds up the retreat of glaciers, and contributes to rising sea levels globally.

Based on reporting by AFP and Al-Jazeera