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White House Stresses U.S., Russia, China Unity On Iran

A student holds a placard as she attends a demonstration before a ceremony to form a human chain around an Iranian uranium-conversion facility in Isfahan to show support for the country's nuclear activities on November 15.
The White House says Iran is facing an unprecedented degree of isolation, with major world powers united in their opposition to Tehran getting a nuclear weapon.

U.S. national security adviser Tom Donilon told reporters that Russia, China, and the United States share a similar goal of not seeing the Iranians move toward the development of nuclear weapons.

Donilon was speaking on the last day of Obama's nine-day Asia tour, which is ending with his participation in an East Asia Summit meeting in the Indonesian island of Bali.

He was echoing a statement by U.S. President Barack Obama from November 13.

The U.S. statement came soon after passage by the United Nations' nuclear watchdog's governing board of a resolution drawn up by major international powers to increase pressure on Iran over its secretive nuclear program.

Tehran responded by calling the move a "historic mistake" that threatens to derail cooperation between Iran and the nuclear oversight agency.

Obama discussed Iran's nuclear ambitions with Russian and Chinese leaders last week during an Asia-Pacific summit that he hosted in Hawaii.

The 35-nation board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) voted 32-to-2 to back the measure at the end of a two-day meeting in the Austrian capital, Vienna. Indonesia abstained and Cuba and Ecuador opposed the text.

compiled from Reuters reports

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