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Reports: Widow Of Late Yugoslav Strongman Milosevic Dies In Russia

Mirjana Markovic during a session in the parliament in Belgrade in July 2001

BELGRADE -- The widow of Yugoslavia's late strongman, Slobodan Milosevic, has died in Russia at the age of 76, reports say.

Serbian media reported on April 14 that Mirjana Markovic died in a Moscow hospital and had been very ill.

There were no details about the cause of death.

Markovic has lived in Russia for the last 16 years, where she received political asylum.

Her husband was arrested in 2001 and held at the UN court in The Hague for genocide and other war crimes committed during the conflicts that followed the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

The former Serbian president died in the tribunal's detention unit in 2006 before a verdict was reached.

Markovic, who had been a sociology professor at Belgrade University, left Serbia in 2003.

She was considered to be a power behind the scene with major influence on her husband.

Last year, a Serbian court sentenced Markovic in absentia to one year in prison for abuse of power for allegedly handing out a government-subsidized apartment to an associate.

An appeals court voided the sentence and ordered a retrial in March.

With reporting by AFP and AP