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World War II Mass Grave Found In Eastern Ukraine

DNIPROPETROVSK, Ukraine -- A mass grave dating from World War II has been found in the eastern Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk, RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service reports.
Tetyana Teslenko, an official in the Dnipropetrovsk center for the preservation of the city's historic and cultural heritage, told journalists on September 23 that construction workers found the mass grave during reconstruction of the Inter Sports Stadium earlier this week.
She said it is not clear how many bodies were interred there, although it is at least 20,000, according to preliminary estimates, including some children.
Teslenko added that the majority of the victims were most-likely Jewish.
The human remains along with cartridge cases and grenade fragments were found about half a meter under the surface. The local authorities say the bodies will be exhumed and then reburied.
Dnipropetrovsk is Ukraine's third-largest city and has a population of some 1 million people.
Before World War II the city was home to some 80,000 Jews.

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