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Belarus Schoolgirl Raps For 'Prosperity, Free Health Care,' And Against Miniskirts

The Nicki Minaj of Belarus?

Ksenia Degelko, a 13-year-old Belarusian schoolgirl from Oktyabrsky, is trying to become just that with her song "I'm From a Village." Heck, she's already trending on Twitter (#degelko).

But while she may have the rap skills, she's got her work cut out for her as far as subject matter goes. It's hard to make stability, prosperity, and traditional Belarusian products sound edgy, especially with lines like "We'll get phosphorus and potassium from our depths" or "I'm in favor of continuing free medical treatment."

Ksenia told the website that music is just a hobby, that she doesn't have any formal musical training, and that she's actually not a big hip-hop fan, when it comes right down to it.

She says one of her teachers, Andrey Pauk, wrote the lyrics to "I'm From a Village," which she sings in Russian. He says they chose to perform the song in rap form because the style is "dope" with the young kids right now.

Here are the complete lyrics:


Hey brothers! Here and now, Ksenia Degelko.
I love you! I love the motherland! I love Oktyabrsky!
Move your body! Yeah, yeah.

I am an activist of the BRPO (Belarusian Republic Pioneer Organization*)

I care about what will happen to my homeland.
I'm ready to support my country in anything
And glorify my country with my work.

I'm brave, skillful, an excellent student all around,
I always lead a healthy lifestyle.
Cigarettes, alcohol should be banned
So people in the world can live in peace.

Down with miniskirts: they're short and narrow.
Now we'll buy only all things Belarusian.
A proper city, happy faces --
That's what I see, that's what I dream of.

The subject of health should be approached delicately,
I'm in favor of continuing free medical treatment.
Free school, college, and university
So Belarusians live in prosperity.

I'm from a village.
Let there be prosperity!
Let there be stability! Yo, yo.

We're going to put sports in the first place
Active lifestyle -- everyone is interested in that.
Build an ice palace in Oktyabrsky
For our young and brave hearts.

We'll get phosphorus and potassium from our depths
So that the agrarian prospers.
Install modern amenities in our town
Hey young people, follow me!

I love you! Yeah, yeah.

Say thanks for the crops in the fields
And for the good life in the villages.
We will multiply the people's efforts
Life will be easier and more fun.

Electorate, vote for me!
The bright truth will prevail in people's minds.
Together we can build the bulwark
For the people to work for the country's glory.

Give us prosperity!
I'm from a village.
I love the motherland. I'm a leader!

Move your body!
Let there be prosperity.
I love Oktyabrsky. Yo, yo.

I'm a leader!

Degelko will take her show on the road later this month to perform at a song contest called "You Are A Leader" in a nearby town.

(Thanks to Pavel Butorin for the translation.)

* CORRECTION: This story has been changed to reflect a correction to the original transcript of Ms. Degelko's song lyrics. She in fact refers to the BRPO, the Belarusian Republic Pioneer Organization. Thanks to our sharp-eyed readership for pointing that out.

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