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Zhirinovsky Wants Russian Cleansed Of Foreign Words

Vladimir Zhirinovsky
Controversial Russian Duma deputy Vladimir Zhirinovsky is calling for legislation that would impose fines on people who use foreign words when Russian words exist to express the same meaning.

Zhirinovsky said the fines could be as severe as dismissal from work for those using non-Russian words.

Zhirinovsky told journalists on January 22, "We need to free the Russian language from garbage and foreign words."

He singled out words from the United States, saying they are torturing us "with these Americanisms."

He said Turkey had already taken similar measures to remove Arabic and Persian words from the Turkish language.

Zhirinovsky said a group of "jurists" were already working on a draft bill on culture that would officially prohibit the use of such non-Russian words.

Based on reporting by ITAR-TASS and Interfax