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UN Panel Demands U.S. Explain Abuse in Iraqi Jails

21 May 2004 -- The United Nations' top anti-torture panel is demanding an explanation from the United States about the mistreatment of Iraqi detainees in jails run by coalition forces.

The chairman of the UN Committee Against Torture, Fernando Marino Menendez, said Washington is three years late in submitting to compulsory scrutiny measures intended to prevent torture and mistreatment.

Marino Menendez said the United States failed to submit a report due in 2001, and that the report should now contain information on the situation in Iraq.

The U.S. military today released up to 500 Iraqi prisoners from Abu Ghurayb, the jail outside Baghdad at the center of the scandal.

Today, "The Washington Post" published more photographs showing U.S. soldiers physically and sexually abusing detainees.

On Wednesday, the first U.S. soldier accused in the abuse scandal was sentenced to one year in prison.