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Discrepencies Reported In Iran's Nuclear Accounting

1 June 2004 -- Reports say the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has found discrepancies in Iran's account of how it acquired equipment which could be used in the development of a nuclear bomb.

The reports quote diplomats and journalists as saying the discrepancies are contained in a confidential IAEA study dealing with Iran's nuclear-power program.

The study allegedly says that Iranian authorities now admit that Iran imported centrifuges capable of enriching uranium to weapons grade. Previously, Iran had said the centrifuges were domestically made.

Observers say the importance of the discrepancy is that it casts doubt on the completeness of Iran's cooperation with the IAEA. The agency is investigating the Iranian program, following U.S. claims it is trying to develop a bomb. Tehran denies that.

Earlier today, IAEA Director-General Muhammad el-Baradei said his inspectors had found no clear proof of a military side to Iran's efforts to develop nuclear energy. But he said it is premature to judge whether the program is exclusively peaceful.