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Iraqi Insurgents Attack Security Forces

9 June 2004 -- Reports say that insurgents today launched mortar attacks against Iraqi security forces in the town of Al-Fallujah, reportedly causing casualties.

Details are still sketchy. Earlier reports said that U.S. tanks were gathering outside the town.

Meanwhile, saboteurs today blew up part of Iraq's Kirkuk-Turkey oil pipeline some 80 kilometers south of Kirkuk. There were no immediate reports of injuries. Iraqi officials say the pipeline is still ablaze.

That act of sabotage came after saboteurs ruptured an oil pipeline 200 kilometers north of Baghdad.

In other developments, Polish Deputy Defense Minister Janusz Zemke today said that an explosion that killed six soldiers yesterday in Iraq was probably a mortar attack.

The blast, which killed three Slovaks, two Poles, and one Latvian, was initially blamed on a minesweeping accident.