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Kidnappings Continue In Iraq

29 July 2004 -- An Islamist group in Iraq says it has kidnapped four Jordanians in order to pressure Jordan's government to end its support of the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq.

The statement from the group calling itself "Death Squad of Mujahedin of Iraq" came in the form of a videotape aired today by the Dubai Television channel.

Meanwhile, kidnappers holding seven foreign truck drivers -- three Kenyans, three Indians, and an Egyptian -- have threatened to "slaughter" one of them on 30 July if their demands are not met.

That group wants the hostages' employer to pull out of Iraq.

Earlier, Pakistan's government condemned the reported killing of two Pakistanis by militants in Iraq.

Pakistan's charge d'affaires in Baghdad, Muhammad Iftikhar Anjum, said in Baghdad today: "On behalf of the people and government of Pakistan I strongly condemn the gruesome killing of two Pakistani nationals who were kidnapped and executed last night by the so-called Al-Jaish Islami [Islamic Army] in Iraq."

In related events, the Al-Jazeera Arab-language TV broadcast a videotape today showing a Somali truck driver who it said has been abducted by militants in Iraq.

Bulgaria today repatriated the body of the first Bulgarian hostage known to have been killed in Iraq.