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U.S. Strikes Targets In Al-Fallujah

Al-Fallujah is the center of anti-U.S. Sunni insurgence 10 September 2004 -- A U.S. jet fired missiles at an insurgent stronghold in Al-Fallujah today, the fourth straight day of attacks in the Sunni city west of Baghdad.

A doctor at a hospital in Al-Fallujah, Ahmad Thair, said one man was killed in the attack today.

U.S. and Iraqi government forces are trying to reestablish control over Al-Fallujah, which has been a hotbed of unrest and anti-U.S. sentiment.

In the Shi'a holy city of Al-Najaf, another restive area, some 1,000 protesters marched through the old quarter demanding that radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and his supporters leave.

The crowd chanted, "Muqtada, the trash, is a leader of looters."

U.S. and Iraqi troops were also continuing operations against insurgent strongholds at Tal Afar near the border with Syria and Samarra, north of Baghdad.


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