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Three Iraq Car Bombs Kill At Least 20 People

10 October 2004 -- Three car bombs exploded in Baghdad today, killing at least 20 people.

The most severe attack happened near the Oil Ministry building and a nearby police academy, killing 17 people.

Oil Ministry spokesman Asim Jihad said most of the casualties were passersby, including seven women.

Initial reports had said that blast was caused by a rocket attack.

The U.S. military says that a second car bomb exploded in a market place in eastern Baghdad, wounding one U.S. soldier.

The U.S. military said that a third car bomb exploded about an hour later in Baghdad's Al-Sadr City neighborhood, killing at least three Iraqis.

In addition, the military disclosed today that a U.S. marine was killed in action yesterday in Anbar Province, west of Baghdad.