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Iraqi General, Judge, Journalist Killed In Attacks

14 October 2004 (NCA) -- Iraqi police say two army officers, a judge and a journalist were gunned down in a string of attacks today.

General Nazim Sulayif and another officer were shot dead by unidentified gunmen as they drove down a main road in Baq'uba, northeast of Baghdad.

In Baghdad, Abd al-Amir Khadim, an investigative judge, was shot as he left his home. Also in the capital, a journalist for Al-Huriyah television station, Dina Muhammad Hassan, was killed outside her home.

In the northern city of Mosul, four members of the national guard were wounded in a roadside bombing today, said Major Jassim Muhammad of the paramilitary force.

Attacks against Iraq's security forces and those seen as collaborating with U.S.-led forces have become commonplace in Iraq.


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