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IAEA Awaits Final Iranian Response

27 November 2004 -- The United Nations' nuclear watchdog agency is awaiting Iran's final decision on a deal calling for a full suspension of Iran's program that could make weapons-grade uranium.

The governing board meeting of the UN International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna has been adjourned until 29 November to allow for additional consideration of proposed draft resolutions on the Iranian nuclear program.

Iran this week demanded that it be allowed to operate 20 enrichment centrifuges in an exemption to a deal with European Union countries calling for Iran to halt all activities related to uranium enrichment.

Reports say Britain, France, and Germany -- which negotiated the accord with Iran -- have refused to accept this.

U.S. President George W. Bush yesterday said any new agreement on Iran's nuclear program must be "verifiable."

Iran rejects U.S. allegations it is secretly trying to make a nuclear weapon.