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Talks Held To Save Iran-Europe Nuclear Deal

28 November 2004 -- Diplomats say further informal talks have been held aimed at saving a deal between Iran and European countries under which Iran is supposed to halt nuclear programs that can make fuel for nuclear power plants or nuclear weapons.

Reports say the deal has run into trouble over Iran wanting to continue research with 20 centrifuges used to enrich uranium.

Diplomats say Britain, France, and Germany reject this, and that their deal with Tehran calls for a full freeze of enrichment activities -- including with the centrifuges.

Diplomats say that if the talks break down, Iran could be exposed to a tougher resolution -- including possible referral to the United Nations Security Council -- when the UN International Atomic Energy Agency resumes a board of governors meeting tomorrow in Vienna, Austria.

Iran rejects allegations it is secretly trying to build a nuclear weapon, saying its nuclear program is for generating electricity.