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Yushchenko Supporters Expand Election Campaign

14 December 2004 -- Supporters of opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko are traveling eastward to expand their campaign ahead of the rerun of Ukraine's disputed presidential election.

More than 150 opposition supporters left Kyiv today in a convoy, hoping to win voters in areas where support for Yushchenko's opponent, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, has been strong.

Participants in the trip plan to visit some 14 districts, including Yanukovych's home city of Donetsk. They plan to show videos of the mass protests in Kyiv that eventually led to the Supreme Court cancelling Yanukovych's officially declared victory in last month's election because of fraud.

Opposition supporters argue the trip is necessary as state-run media, which supported Yanukovych, has largely ignored the opposition protests.

Yushchenko and Yanukovych will face off again on 26 December.


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