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Iraqi Minister Fingers Iran As Source Of 'Terrorism'

15 December 2004 -- Iraqi Defense Minister Hazim Sha'lan al-Khuza'i today accused Iran of orchestrating terrorist attacks in Iraq.

Sha'lan told journalists in Baghdad that Iran is "the most dangerous enemy of Iraq and all Arabs."

He asserted that terrorism is Iraq is orchestrated by Iranian and Syrian intelligence, plus elements loyal to ousted President Saddam Hussein, in collaboration with leading terrorist Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi.

Shaalan said Iraqi authorities had obtained information about Iran's role in Iraqi's insurgency after last month's arrest in Al-Fallujah of the leader of a terror group, Jaysh Muhammad (Muhammad's Army).

Iran and Syria have previously denied links to terror in Iraq. Neighbors Iran and Iraq, which fought a bloody eight-year war in the 1980's, traditionally share tense relations.


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