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Attacks In Iraq Target Police, Soldiers, Polling Stations

Iraqi National Guardsmen have been targeted (file photo) 17 January 2005 -- Insurgents set off another suicide car bomb at a police station in Iraq -- this one killing at least eight people -- and they shot dead eight Iraqi soldiers at a checkpoint.

Both attacks happened today in Sunni towns north of Baghdad that are guerrilla strongholds.

Insurgents attempting to disrupt the 30 January elections also fired mortars at one polling station in the northern city of Mosul and opened fire with guns at a polling station in the southern town of Musayib.

A U.S. military convoy was the target of an attack west of Baghdad, but authorities said the victims of the suicide car bomber were three Iraqi civilians.

And the bodies of three civilians and one Iraqi soldier were found in the western city of Al-Ramadi. Officials said they bore handwritten signs declaring them collaborators.


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