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More Explosions, Beheadings Reported In Iraq

Violence in Iraq is expected to worsen in the runup to the 30 January elections (file photo) 21 January 2005 -- In Iraq today, some 30 people were killed in a series of car bombs, shootings, and beheadings.

Hospital officials say a car bomb killed at least four people involved in a Shi'ite wedding celebration in the town of Youssifiya, some 20 kilometers south of Baghdad.

Earlier today, a car bomb near a Baghdad Shiite mosque killed at least 14 people and wounded 40 others. Six Iraqi soldiers and three contractors were killed in a string of attacks north of Baghdad. One U.S. soldier and an Italian soldier died in two other separate attacks.

A group purportedly led by wanted Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has posted a video and statement on an Islamic website of the apparent beheadings of two Iraqis who admitted to working at a U.S. base.

Finally, militants today beheaded an Iraqi soldier in broad daylight in Ramadi, leaving a note warning other Iraqi troops to quit the force.