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Ukraine's Premier-Designate Outlines Goals

Tymoshenko looks 'Toward the People' (file photo) 3 February 2005 -- Ukraine's Prime Minister-designate Yuliya Tymoshenko explained yesterday to the country's parliament what her government's goals would be should she be elected for the country's No. 2 position.

Tymoshenko sent a 63-page five-year program to parliament ahead of the legislature's vote to confirm her as prime minister.

The program, called "Toward the People," detailed how the government would fulfill promises made by new Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko during his campaign.

Tymoshenko wrote that she wanted "not to present myself personally, but a clear view on the path of development for the government and society."

Many deputies said they had not received a copy of the proposals.

Tymoshenko is scheduled to present her program to parliament today.

She needs a simple majority of parliament's 450 deputies to be confirmed as prime minister.