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Iraqi Cleric Vows To Leave Constitution To Politicians

Ayatollah al-Sistani (file photo) 8 February 2005 -- A spokesman for Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani said today that the influential Shi'a cleric is not demanding that any new Iraqi constitution be based on Shari'a, or Islamic law.

Hamid al-Khafaf said al-Sistani maintains his previous position that the new constitution should respect the Islamic cultural identity of the Iraqi people.

Al-Khafaf said al-Sistani has not changed his position on that and that the details of the constitution are a matter for elected representatives of the Iraqi people.

A recent report in "The New York Times" suggested that leading Shi'a clerics in Iraq, including al-Sistani, were pushing for any new Iraqi constitution to be Islamic in nature.


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