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Rebel Commander Killed In Chechnya

13 March 2005 -- Security forces hunting down insurgents in Chechnya killed a separatist commander today.

Akhmed Dakaev, deputy interior minister in Chechnya's Moscow-backed administration, said Kantash Mansarov, described as the coordinator of separatist undercover operations in the Chechen capital, Grozny, was reportedly killed while resisting arrest.

The official said Mansarov had an assault rifle seized from a local policeman who had been killed by militants.

Chechen Interior Ministry spokesman Ruslan Atsayev said Mansarov took charge of separatist undercover operations in Grozny after his predecessor was killed about a month ago.

Chechen militants vowed to carry on their fight against Russia despite the death of their leader Aslan Maskhadov, who was killed on 8 March by Russian special forces.