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Iraq, Jordan Recall Envoys

21 March 2005 -- Iraq and Jordan have each recalled envoys amid a row over allegations that Jordan is not doing enough to block militants from entering Iraq to mount attacks.

Jordan's withdrawal of its envoy to Baghdad and Iraq's recall of its ambassador to Amman yesterday followed a Jordanian news report saying that a Jordanian had carried out the suicide bombing in Al-Hillah that killed 125 Iraqis last month.

Iraqis last week broke into the Jordanian embassy and raised the Iraqi flag in a protest against Jordan.

There has been no confirmation that a Jordanian carried out the Al-Hillah attack.

The United States military said 24 insurgents were killed in a clash on the outskirts of Baghdad yesterday. The United States said the fighting left seven insurgents and six American soldiers injured.

In other violence, an Al-Qaeda linked suicide bomber assassinated the head of the Iraqi police anticorruption unit in Mosul, and a U.S. soldier was killed when a bomb exploded near Kirkuk.