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Iraq President Says 'No Crisis' With Jordan

President al-Yawir (file photo) 21 March 2005 -- Iraq's outgoing President Ghazi al-Yawar said today there is no crisis in relations with Jordan.

Al-Yawar's comments came a day after the two countries recalled their envoys -- Jordan's has since been sent back -- amid a row over allegations that Jordan is not doing enough to block militants from entering Iraq.

Al-Yawar said in Algiers that Iraqis and Jordanians "are brothers" and the ties between them are bigger than any problems.

Yawar's remarks echoed comments made earlier today by Jordanian government spokeswoman Asma Khodr.

The spokeswoman said she hoped the diplomats would return soon. Khodr also said that Jordan is doing its utmost to prevent its borders from being used by insurgents to infiltrate Iraq.