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Chechen Fighters Could Target Moscow Games

Moscow Mayor Yurii Luzhkov presents Moscow's bid in Singapore on 5 July 5 July 2005 -- Radical Chechen field commander Shamil Basaev today said Olympic athletes would be at risk from his forces' attacks if Moscow won the right to hold the 2012 Olympic Summer Games, according to a statement posted on a pro-Chechen website.

According to the statement, Basaev said that "no one could guarantee the athletes' security, even if our forces conducted extremely careful strikes on Moscow."

The statement added that "there should be no doubt" that Chechen rebels "have bombed and will bomb Moscow."

Moscow is vying for the 2012 Olympic Games against Paris, London, New York, and Madrid.

The International Olympic Committee is due to announce its choice on 6 Julye. Paris is reportedly the strongest contender, followed by London.