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Iraqi Premier Warns That Insurgents Will Seek Revenge

Al-Ja'fari says Iraqis can expect to pay for successes Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Ja'fari today warned Iraqis to prepare themselves for even worse attacks from insurgents seeking revenge for what he said were the government's "successes."

Speaking to parliament, al-Ja'fari said the killing of Egypt's top envoy last week was a response to the success of the Brussels donors conference for Iraqi reconstruction held last month.

Al-Ja'fari said Iraqis must prepare themselves that quote "every time we make progress and every time we make big achievements the reaction will be big."

Al-Ja'fari also spoke about the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq, saying that should not happen until Iraqi forces are ready to assume security duties.

Al-Ja'fari said U.S. and foreign troops could start handing over security to Iraqis in selected cities. But he said the Iraqi government did not want to be "caught by surprise" by the sudden withdrawal of foreign troops.


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