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Shevardnadze To Receive Pension

Eduard Shevardnadze (file photo) 20 July 2005 -- Long-time Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze can begin drawing a $410 monthly retirement check after he was driven from office by mass protests in November 2003.

Zaza Sopromadze, general director of the Georgian social security fund, attributed the delay in Shevardnadze's receiving his pension to the fact that he submitted his paperwork only last month.

Shevardnadze was best known in the West as the Soviet Foreign Minister in the years leading up to the demise of the Soviet Union. He was the Georgian president from 1995.

Shevardnadze was driven from office in November 2003 in mass uprisings that came to be known as the Rose Revolution.

Currently, Shevardnadze lives in an elite section of the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.

Shevardnadze, whose wife died last year, is currently writing his memoirs.