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Senior Leader Vows Killings Won't Knock Iraqi Constitution Off Track

20 July 2005 -- The head of the committee drafting Iraq's new constitution, Sheikh Humam Hammudi, said today that the document will be finished ahead of schedule despite the assassination yesterday of two Sunni members of the panel.

Hammudi said a draft will be presented to the National Assembly by the first week of August -- one week ahead of the deadline.

Hammudi claimed work is proceeding well, with the various subcommittees expected to complete their sections of the document in the next two days. He said that initial draft will then be revised and submitted to the legislature.

Some Sunnis on the panel have announced they are quitting since the shooting of two Sunni committee members yesterday.

Hammudi said he is working to address the members' security concerns in an effort to have them return to work.

Meanwhile, a suicide bomber blew himself up today outside a Baghdad army recruitment center, killing at least six people and wounding 24.


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