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Sunnis May Return To Iraqi Constitutional Process

Scene of Issa's killing 23 July 2005 -- Sunni Muslims who left the committee drafting Iraq's new constitution indicated today they may return to the process.

The committee's 12 Sunni members walked out after the assassinations on 19 July of fellow Sunni member Mijbil al-Sheikh Issa and Issa's adviser.

Sunni committee member Salih al-Mutlaq said today the rest of the panel members have agreed to Sunni demands for greater security and a larger role in the constitutional process.

The committee had earlier postponed discussion of key issues until the Sunni members returned. The constitution is due for parliamentary approval by 15 August.

Also today, a Shi'ite Muslim committee member said the group has rejected a Kurdish proposal to give Kurds the constitutional right to hold a referendum on self-determination.


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