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EU Warns Iran Over 'Damaging' Nuclear Step

31 July 2005 -- The United Kingdom said today that the European Union will deliver "full and detailed proposals" to Iran in one week aimed at ending the crisis over its nuclear program.

Iran has said it would resume uranium-enrichment activities if it failed to receive the proposals by today.

But a British Foreign Office statement urged Tehran not to take any "unnecessary and damaging step" by restarting uranium conversion. The statement warned that such a move could jeopardize talks between Iran and EU negotiators - Britain, France, and Germany.

Earlier, Iranian negotiator Ali Agha Mohammadi told AFP that Tehran had given Brussels a deadline this afternoon to submit proposals. He added that Iran would risk being hauled before the UN Security Council if the EU failed to recognize its right to uranium-conversion activities.

The so-called EU trio is to offer incentives to be provided in return for Iran guaranteeing its nuclear program is peaceful.