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Iran Says IAEA Preparing To Monitor Nuclear Restart

1 August 2005 -- Iran says UN nuclear inspectors tonight have begun installing monitoring equipment at a nuclear plant in Isfahan, in central Iran, to prepare for the country's resumption of uranium reprocessing.

Ali Aghamohammadi, spokesman for the Supreme National Security Council, made the announcement on state television.

Earlier today, Iran announced its intention to resume some nuclear activities. Tehran informed the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN's nuclear watchdog, of its decision and invited IAEA inspectors to monitor the work.

Germany, Britain, and France have led negotiations with Iran on behalf of the European Union, promising incentives if Tehran ceased enriching uranium. Those countries and EU officials today expressed strong concern over Tehran's decision. British statements yesterday urged similar caution on Iran's part.

Also today, White House spokesman Scott McClellan warned Iran against restarting its nuclear activities, saying such an action could lead the United States and its European allies to seek UN sanctions in the Security Council. The United States has repeatedly accused Iran of harboring ambitions to develop nuclear weapons.


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