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Iraq Constitution Talks Proceed Despite Bad Weather

The sandstorm in Baghdad on 8 August 9 August 2005 (RFE/RL) -- Iraqi political leaders are today pressing ahead with plans for talks on a new constitution, despite disruption in Baghdad caused by a severe sandstorm.

AFP reported that Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Ja'fari plans first to meet five to seven top political leaders, with the aim of forging proposals to resolve key remaining differences on the constitution. That will be followed by a larger meeting with up to 35 politicians.

However, the worst sandstorm for years has hindered the arrival of some important delegates, including Kurdish leader Mas'ud Barzani.

Meanwhile violence continues. A suicide bomber killed at least three people and wounded at least 11 others when his car blew up near a U.S. military convoy in Baghdad's central Tahrir Square.

The Interior Ministry says 10 police officers were killed in a series of incidents in Baghdad.


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