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Russia Announces Bird Cull

A bird receiving a vaccine in Indonesia 10 October 2005 -- Russia is to destroy over 450,000 birds in a bid to wipe out the avian flu virus that has affected parts of Siberia.

Nikolai Petrenko, a Russian veterinary official, said the slaughter will be carried out in the Siberian province of Kurgan.

Meanwhile, Russia's Agriculture Ministry says that 17 districts in Siberia are still under observation for signs of bird flu.

These developments in Russia come as the European Commission today announced plans to ban poultry imports from Turkey after an outbreak of bird flu there.

Ukraine slapped a similar ban on poultry coming from both Turkey and Romania. Greece did the same. Hungary and Poland banned imports of Romanian bird products.

On 8 October, Romania and Turkey reported cases of bird flu. Both countries immediately imposed quarantines and began slaughtering thousands of birds to contain the disease.


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