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Fleeing Russian Trawler Enters Russian Waters

19 October 2005 -- A Russian trawler fleeing Norwegian Coast Guard forces, who suspect it of illegal fishing in the Barents Sea has entered Russian territorial waters.

The "Elektron" is heading for the port of Murmansk. It is being escorted by a Russian antisubmarine ship. Four Norwegian Coast Guard ships are tracking it on the other side of the sea border.

The "Elektron" was intercepted on 14 October for suspected illegal fishing and told to go to Norway. It headed for Russia instead with two Norwegian inspectors on board.

Another Russian boat, which was trying to help the "Elektron" avoid capture, itself got entangled in a net thrown from a Norwegian aircraft and is now waiting for help.

Russia has said the incident will be resolved through diplomacy and the Norwegian inspectors will be released. But Russian officials have rejected Norwegian claims that the "Elektron" was fishing illegally.