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Authorities Suspect Scholar Of Instigating Nalchik Raid

11 November 2005 -- A Russian prosecutor says a prominent Islamic scholar is suspected of instigating a militant raid in the North Caucasus last month.

Deputy Prosecutor-General Nikolai Shepel said today that a criminal case was opened last month against Kabardino- Balkariya scholar Ruslan Nakhushev.

"On 19 October, the prosecutor of the republic [of Kabardino-Balkariya] opened a criminal case against Nakhushev in accordance with articles 33 and 205 [of the Russian penal code] -- complicity in terrorist activity. We believe that he instigated and helped organize the attack on Nalchik," Shepel said.

Nakhushev disappeared a week ago after being questioned by the Federal Security Service. Shepel said a former prisoner at the U.S. military base in Guantanamo, Rasul Kudayev, was also suspected of being one of the leaders of the Nalchik raid. Russian officials say more than 140 people died in the Nalchik unrest, including 95 militants.

Authorities in Eastern Siberia said today they arrested two other men suspected of taking part in the raid.

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