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Georgia, Russia Discussing Kazakh Gas Transit

22 November 2005 -- A Georgian government delegation is due in Moscow today for talks with Gazprom, Russia's natural-gas monopoly.

Georgian Energy Minister Nika Gilauri and Davit Ingorovka, the president of Georgia's International Gas Corporation, are expected to discuss the possible transit of Kazakh natural gas through Russia.

Kazakhstan last week said it was ready to export up to 2 billion cubic meters of natural gas a year to Georgia starting next year.

Georgia is heavily dependent on Russia for its natural-gas supplies and is looking for alternative suppliers.

During their four-day visit to Moscow, Gilauri and Ingorovka will also discuss Georgia's further cooperation with Gazprom.

Gazprom has threatened to nearly double the rate it currently charges Georgia for its gas supplies.

(Novosti Gruziya/Rustavi 2/ITAR-TASS)