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Local Administrator Killed In Chechnya

Chechen security forces (file photo) (RFE/RL) 30 November 2005 -- Unidentified attackers have shot and killed the mayor of a village in southern Chechnya.

Ibrahim Umpashayev, the head of the administration in the village of Avtury, died late on 29 November when masked men in camouflage broke into his home amd shot him. The assailants also shot and killed the mayor's son and wounded two police officers who tried to help.

The latest violence comes just days after Chechens cast ballots on 27 November in the first parliamentary election since Russian troops reinvaded the restive Caucasus republic six years ago. President Vladimir Putin hailed the election as a major step forward in stabilizing the region.


Crisis In Chechnya

Crisis In Chechnya

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