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News Anchor, Journalists Resign From Russian Network

Olga Romanova resigned in November (official website) 5 December 2005 -- Several journalists and a prominent news anchor from Russia's REN-TV network have handed in their resignations, citing censorship and administrative control of editorial issues.

Olga Romanova, the anchor of the "24" news program, resigned in response to a decision in late November by network management barring her from further broadcasts.

REN-TV's news service editor, Yelena Fedorova, also resigned. In a letter to network General Director Aleksandr Ordzhonikidze, she said it was impossible to continue working under conditions of "censorship and sweeping control."

Several journalists from the "24" news program announced they were leaving as well.

The international media watchdog group Reporters Without Borders last week condemned the decision to block Romanova's program, saying the privately owned network is the last independent broadcaster in Russia.