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Romania Says It Will Not Lift Ban On International Adoptions

(RFE/RL) 14 December 2005 -- Romania's government today said it will not revoke measures that effectively ban foreigners from adopting Romanian children.

Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said Romania’s authorities will instead try to promote adoptions within the country.

Romania passed legislation in 2004 that bans adoptions by foreigners, with the exception of relatives of the children.

Its move followed a moratorium on foreign adoptions imposed in 2001 under pressure from the European Union after accusations of corruption by officials overseeing adoptions.

The United States and other countries have asked Romania to allow the completion of adoption procedures under way when the restrictions came into effect.

But Popescu-Tariceanu said Romania "doesn't have the slightest intention" of changing its current legislation.

He said the law meets EU standards, "which put the children's interest first, and not those of the possible adoptive parents."

Since 1989, about 30,000 Romanian children have been adopted by families outside the country.


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