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WHO Predicts Decline In Turkish Bird Flu Cases

A 5-year-old bird flu victim in Van, Turkey (file) (AFP) 19 January 2006 -- The World Health Organization says it is expecting to see a decrease in the number of new bird flu cases among humans in Turkey.

The WHO's statement comes as Ankara moves to control the bird flu outbreak in its poultry population by a massive cull.

The WHO said that while the bird flu situation is getting better in Turkey, it is still too early to say that the crisis is over.

The WHO also said bird flu has been ruled out in the recent death of a child in Iraq.

Meanwhile, a U.S. team of experts investigating bird flu in Turkey today said they will also visit neighboring Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

(AFP, AP, Reuters)

Affected Areas

Affected Areas

Click on the map for a closer view of the areas within RFE/RL's broadcast region where cases of diseased fowl have been confirmed. Last updated on February 20.

BIRD FLU, or avian influenza, continues to menace scattered areas from East Asia, where the disease first appeared, to Southeastern and Eastern Europe and beyond. Authorities around the world are bracing themselves -- and, more importantly, planning and taking measures to fight the disease wherever it appears.

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