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China Closes Some 2,000 'Unhealthy' Websites

(RFE/RL) 6 February 2006 -- State media report that Chinese regulators closed down more than 2,000 websites last year as part of a nationwide campaign to eradicate illegal content.

The "Beijing Morning Post" referred to the websites as "unhealthy," a word describing a broad range of illegal content such as pornography, excessive violence, and sensitive political issues.

Beijing has stepped up its policing of the Internet in recent months.

In September, the government announced revised Internet rules that require Internet operators to re-register their news sites. The regulations police them for content that can harm national security and unity, instigate demonstrations, or disturb social order.


Internet In China

Internet In China

China seems to be the most successful pioneer in controlling its citizens' access to the Internet. A recent case shows that it has the help of some Western companies in doing so.... (more)

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