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Danish Papers Urged To Join Cartoon Competition

Protests against the Prophet cartoons in Kabul on 6 February (AFP) 14 February 2006 -- The chief editor of the Iranian daily "Hamshahri" today called on Danish newspapers to join its self-initiated international cartoon competition on the Holocaust.

"Hamshahri" has launched a competition for the best cartoon about the Holocaust in retaliation for Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Those drawings have sparked angry protests among Muslims.

Mohammed-Reza Zarei said in Tehran that, as he put it, "the Danish daily which insulted our prophet," as well as other Danish dailies, "can attend our cartoon competition."

The chief editor claimed that the cartoon competition aims to seek the truth about the Holocaust.


Islam In A Pluralistic World

Islam In A Pluralistic World

A Muslim woman (left) watches a Christian procession in Madrid in March (AFP)


CONFERENCE ON ISLAM: A major international conference on Islam concluded in Vienna in November 2005 with strong appeals from prominent Muslim leaders to recognize international terrorism as simply "terrorism." Political figures from Islamic countries, including the presidents of Iraq and Afghanistan, argued that it should never be labeled "Islamic" or "Muslim" terrorism because Islam is based on peace, dialogue, and tolerance. "Salaam" -- meaning "peace" -- was the key word of the three-day conference, titled "ISLAM IN A PLURALISTIC WORLD."
Iraqi President Jalal Talibani and Afghan President Hamid Karzai used the word in their remarks to emphasize the peaceful nature of Islam. Other speakers quoted passages from the Koran to the effect that all men and women, regardless of faith, are creatures of God and should live in peace with each other without discrimination...(more)


Listen to Afghan President HAMID KARZAI's complete address to the Vienna conference (in English):
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Listen to UN special envoy LAKHDAR BRAHIMI's complete address to the Vienna conference (in English):
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