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Two Militants, One Police Officer Killed In Daghestan Clash

(RFE/RL) 17 February 2006 -- Two suspected militants were killed in a clash with security forces in Daghestan's northern Nogai district.

One police officer was also killed and one Daghestani special unit officer was injured in the clash in the village of Chervlyonnye Buruny where the militants were hiding.

Security forces on 16 February blocked the militants in an unused school in the village. After exchanges of fire that lasted late into the night, troops blew up the building. The bodies of the militants were found in the rubble today.

Security officials say the militants were members of an armed group that earlier on 10 February clashed with security forces in Russia's southern Stavropol region.

The militants involved in the clash in Stavropol were believed to be ethnic Nogais who had been fighting against Russian forces in Chechnya since the late 1990s.


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