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U.S. Senators In Baghdad Urge Formation Of Coalition Government

Senator John McCain with President George W. Bush (file photo) (epa) March 25, 2006 -- Two key U.S. senators say they have told Iraqi leaders to overcome their stalemate and quickly form a national-unity government.

Senator John McCain, a Republican from Arizona who supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq, led a U.S. delegation to Baghdad. Also in the delegation is a Wisconsin Democrat and war opponent, Senator Russell Feingold.

McCain told a news conference in Baghdad today that he came away with the impression that the Iraqi leaders understand there is a sense of urgency to form a government. The senator said the Iraqis know that polls show declining support by the American people for a continued U.S. military presence.

Feingold said a large U.S. troop presence in Iraq may be fueling the insurgency.

(AP, Reuters)

Iraq In Transition

Iraq In Transition

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