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Jordan Protecting Saddam Hussein's Daughter

Saddam Hussein on trial (file photo) (epa) July 3, 2006 -- Jordan's Prime Minister Maruf al-Bakhit says Saddam Hussein's eldest daughter, Raghad, and her children continue to live in Jordan under the protection of the Jordanian royal family for humanitarian reasons.

The statement was released after Iraqi authorities on July 2 named the former Iraqi ruler's eldest daughter and his wife as being on the Iraqi government's list of 41 most-wanted suspects.

Hussein's wife, Sajida, is believed to be living in Qatar.

The Jordanian statement said Jordan has not received any new extradition request from Iraq.

In another development, the largest Sunni Arab bloc in the Iraqi parliament, the Iraqi Accordance Front, has announced it is suspending its participation in the National Assembly until a Sunni female lawmaker is freed by kidnappers. Taysir Najah al-Mashhadani and seven of her bodyguards were abducted by gunmen on July 1 in Baghdad.

(compiled from agency reports)

Saddam Hussein Biography

Saddam Hussein Biography

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