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Russia Mourns For Dead In Siberian Air Crash

The tail was the only part of the Airbus A-310 not to be destroyed in the crash (NTV) July 10, 2006 -- As Russia begins a day of mourning, investigators are continuing their efforts to determine what caused an Airbus plane to overrun the runway and crash in the Siberian city of Irkutsk early on July 9, killing some 130 people.

Transport Minister Igor Levitin, who is heading a commission set up to investigate the cause of the accident, says 122 bodies had been recovered so far and a further six people remain unaccounted for. Some 57 people were being treated in hospital for injuries.

Authorities said the two "black box" flight data recorders from the Airbus A-310 have been recovered, and have been sent to Moscow for analysis.

Reports quoting investigators said that a problem with the braking system or human error could be among the potential causes.

A spokesman for the airline carrier, Sibir, said the plane was in a good technical condition.

The "last detailed technical maintenance" check was carried out last July, said Konstantin Koshman.

Those on board the aircraft included 14 children age 12 or under, as well as 12 foreigners, including two Azerbaijanis, two Belarusians, three Chinese, three Germans, and two Poles.

(compiled from agency reports)

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